Friday, January 13, 2006

Here is the link

Mr. Reece this site is very good because you can practice and learn how to do adding integer questions and subtracting integer questions with different amount of digits within the numbers. You can also use the practice mode to practice questions without writing out questions for integer tests and quizzes such as the big test on tuesday coming up. Also if you forget your binder or notes at school you can still see how to do the questions. The only thing I dislike about this site is the fact that you must buy the multiplication and division cd-rom's to access the same things as the adding integers and the subtracting integers. I hope you will accept this site and entry, also please mention it to the class after this homework is finished because it is very good site.

P.S. Tell me if the site and/or entry is unacceptable.


At 1/13/2006 2:49 PM, Blogger Fang_the_Barbarian said...

I looked at the website you found! I thought it was pretty neat! Way to go! =)

At 1/17/2006 7:10 PM, Blogger Candy said...

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At 1/17/2006 7:55 PM, Blogger Candy said...

I really like your website,I like how you can pick how easy or how hard you want itand how you have multiple choiceof games like just plain equations, expressions and adding or subtracting intergers and the others.
Don't forget always =)"smile"(= it can't hurt.

At 1/23/2006 6:14 PM, Blogger maximus said...

nice site jannamouse lol!!! It's awesome. It's helped me see the equations another easier way. Bye TTYL.


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