Thursday, February 16, 2006

Amy=), Kimmie Y, Matt, and Levon's Q&A

Q # 3: Ellen has a two quarters, one dime, and one nickel. How many different amounts of money can she make using one or more of these coins?

A: The answer is 11.

Solution: You can make a chart by sorting it out. The chart can look like this:

1 Coin: 2 Coins: 3 Coins: 4 Coins:
5 cents 15 cents 40 cents 65 cents
10 cents 30 cents 55 cents
25 cents 35 cents 60 cents
50 cents

After you have done the chart, you count up how much combinations there are and you got the answer. So our group got the answer :11.

And "What Do You Call It When a Royal Ruler Climbs a Mountain?" - High King


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