Thursday, February 02, 2006

(= Candace, Wes, Jubie and Chris =)

Question #1
You've gone to the movies with your friends and offered to buy your four friends and yourself popcorn and a drink. The total with tax for each drink is $2.73 and the total for each bag of popcorn is $3.19.

Estimate how much money you need to have in order to buy all of the popcorn and drinks. So our estimation was $29.00 - $30.00 is what I had to pay for my friends and I.

The way we figured out our answer was, we multiplied $2.75 x 5 and got the answer of $13.75 for the drinks, and we did the same thing for the popcorn we multiplied $3.20 x 5 and we got the answer of $16.00. Then we added $13.75 + $16.00 and it =ed $29.75


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