Thursday, February 23, 2006

Scribe Notes for Feburary 22nd 2006

In case you didn't know I am the first person in room 7-43 to do a scribe. A scribe is where someone retells what we did in class today. Today in class we compared our mystery objects that we measured yesterday. We talked about how to do a scribe and what it is. We also talked about the new assignment on Mr.Reece's blog site called "Blogeramma" which is listed on our blog site for 7-43. If you want to find out more about scribes then go to the links on the right hand side of our blog. There are three links they are: A scribe list, what is expected of the scribe and the last one are examples of great scribe posts. These are very helpful links if it is your turn to do the daily scribe and you are having trouble with it. What we did for the last half of the class was look at how to determine a percent of your body height. Here is the chart that we made up to figure the percents out using our body height.

100% is the same as you height
75% Add the answers you get from 50% and 25%
50% Divide you height by two
37.5% Add the answers you get from 25% and 12.5%
25% Divide you height by four
12.5% Divide the answer you get from 25% by two
10% Divide you height by ten
1% Divide you height by 100

Convert the percent to a decimal by dividing the number by 100. So you chart should look something like this one Below.

100% = 1
75% = 0.75
50% = 0.50
37.5% = 0.375
25% = 0.25
12.5% = 0.125
10% = 0.10
1% = 0.01


At 2/26/2006 7:09 PM, Blogger Mr. Reece said...

You did an amazing job on the scribe post Janna. You've set the bar very high for everyone else to live upto.

Mr. R

At 2/27/2006 6:27 PM, Blogger Janna_09 said...

Thanks Dr. reece hahah


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