Thursday, February 02, 2006

Tony, C.J, Jon and Jessicas homework

4. You've been hired to mow your neighbor's lawn this summer. Your neighbour will pay you $5 each time that you mow his lawn, and it takes you 40 minutes to mow his lawn

How much money do you make per minute (money divide time), and how much money should the neighbour pay you if it takes 60 minutes to mow the lawn?

The way we figured it out was trying to times 40 by something to equal 500 because $5 is 500 cents. we found out 40X 12 = 480 which would be $4.80 and 40X13= 520 which is $5.20. So the answer could be either 12 or 13 cents you earn a minute because their both close to $5.00


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