Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Wednesday March 22

Today we reviewed the seven types of angles, the acute angle, reflex angle, complementary angle, supplementary,straight angle, and the right angle. When we reviewed the angles Mr. Reese selected a few students to name all of the seven angles.
April went to the board and drew a polygon and Mr. Reese chose people to go to the board and add the angles inside of the polygon.

We also reviewed triangles and that if you do not have three lines it will not be a polygon and if you do have three lines they need to be connected to make a polygon, same goes for all the other shapes, but all polygons have an angle. If it does not it would be a circle or another shape that does not have any any angles inside of it. All sides on a triangle must equal to a total of 180 degrees.

Mr. Reese also drew two triangles on the smart board and connected them making a square. A square equals the total of 360 degrees, so if you add the two triangles together 180+180 degrees= 360 degrees.

In class today we also cut out triangles on a paper and tomorrow we will put them together and make shapes. We will later we will find the total for the shapes that we make. MAKE SURE YOU BRING YOUR TRIANGLES THAT YOU CUT OUT TOMMOROW!

Tomorrow we also have a quiz on the seven angles

Tommorow we also have a quiz on the seven angles
the: right, straight, complimentary, reflex, acute, obtuse, and supplementary angles.

I choose Shelina as the scribe for tomorrow!


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