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Question 1.) What is the difference between an algebraic expression and an equation (hint: One contains this and the other doesn't)? Give an example of both an expression and an equation.

Algebraic Expression you get to choose the value of the variable.
Algebraic Equation the value of the variable is already given.
Algebraic Expression: 8A+6
Algebraic Equation: 8A+6=30

Question 2.) What is a variable and why do we use one in algebra?

A variable is a letter that replaces a number. We use it in algebra beacause algebra is about finding the unknown, and the variable is the unknown thing we must solve in a problem.

Question 4.) Solve the following equations. Show all of the steps that are needed.

a.) 3n+4n+7=2n+12

b.) 8n-(4+9)=11
+13 +13

c.) (8-3)n+7n+8=4n+40
5n+7n+8 =4n+40

Question 5.) For this question you need to create a T-Chart and a graph to plot your data from this question onto.

You are having a race against your friend, except you are on foot and he is on his bike. Your both know that if you are on a bike you will be faster so your friend gives you a head start of 3 minutes. If you can run 400m per minute, and your friend can bike 700m per minute, who will be the first to make it to the finish line 2000m away?

The runner will cross the finish line first in 5 minutes. The biker will cross the finish line second in 6 minutes.


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At 6/01/2006 4:07 PM, Blogger Mr. Reece said...

I'm not sure who this is, but I will leave comments none the less.
First off you do not have the required T-charts or Graphs, so you can either post them on blogger, or hand them in on paper.

second are we given the value of the variable in an equation or are we given the solution and then we can use this solution to find the value of the variable?

Lastly you did not solve the two scales to determine the value of n.



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