Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Kim's Growing Post for June 6th

Question 1: Formulas. We've learned how to write algebraic equations in the form of mx + b = y
Convert these two sentences into algebraic using the above formula.

m: change or coefficient
b: constant or start
y: solution

Sentence 1: Scott is 2 years older than Donald who turns 12 on June 21st 2006. Write this sentence in the format of mx + b = y, then convert it into an expression which allows us to figure out the age of Scott. Scott is 13 years old and Donald will be 12 years old.

2 + b = y
2 + 11 = y
2 + 11 = 13
Sentence 2: Elizabeth has $200 in her savings account. She makes $40 every two weeks babysitting for her next door neighbours. If Elizabeth saves all of her money solve for how much money she will have in one year? Elizabeth will have a total of $1160 in one year.
$40n + $200 = y
$40(24) + $200 = $1160
Question 2: Creation. You need to create two questions for your classmates that cover different concepts (ex: T-charts, patterns, equations, graphs etc.) that you have learned in this unit on Algebra. You then need to show how to solve the questions. Your mark will be based upon the lvl of question's difficulty, and the effort put into your answer.
Bobby has $500 dollars in his bank account and he earns $50 every month. His friend John has $250 in his bank account and he earns $75 every month. How much will Bobby and John have in their bank account in one year and who will have the most amount of money? Bobby will have a total of $1100 and John will have a total of $1150 and John will have $50 more than Bobby.
$50x + $500 = y
$50(12) + $500 = $1100
$75x + $250 = y
$75(12) + $250 = $1150

One day, Sandy and Lina decided to save money and buy a walkman for $150 and share it with each other since they were sisters. Sandy had $60 in her bank account and she would add $10 everyday for 10 days while Lina had $120 in her bank account but she would spend $10 everyday for herself for 10 days. On the 10th day, will Lina and Sandy have enough money to buy the $150 walkman and have leftover money? Or will they have to save more to buy a walkman? Sandy and Lina will have enough money in total to buy the $150 walkman and have $40 leftover.

Sandy: 10x + 60 = y

10(11) + 60 = 170

Lina: -10x + 120 = y

-10(10) + 120 = 20

Question 3: Reflection. You need to look back at the chart that we filled out during the first day of the unit. This is the chart where you coloured a topic red, yellow or green. You now need to pick one concept that you coloured yellow or red and reflect in words what new skill/idea that you have learned on this topic.

Can I use my words to create an algebraic formula?

I coloured this in red because I didn't know how to create a algebraic formula. So if I didn't know how to make one, I would probably not be able to make one from a T-Chart or use an algebraic formula to solve for an unknown. It was easier to make a formula when Mr.Reece had taught us how and it was helping me solve an unknown and make a formula by using a T-Chart.

Question 4: Preparing for the final exam. You need to think about the year that has past in mathematics and decide which topic is your weakest, and what you need to learn duriong class review in order to prepare yourself for the final exam. It is not enough to say fractions, instead pick your weakest area of fractions, say the subtraction or fractions, and give an example of what you don't understand.

My weakest topic is probably algebra. In algebra, there are always some questions that I can't figure out how to solve the unknown. But as Mr.Reece is teaching us, I am beginning to find it more easy little at a time and will be able to solve it. I also know that when the higher the grade i'm in, the harder the level of mathematics are and the harder the questions in algebra. (eaxample: -50x + 2o6 = y)



At 6/07/2006 9:35 AM, Blogger kimbutt said...

hey kim.I like your growing post.its really hard.but i kinda understand it.great work and effort.i also liked what you did for the other growing post.

At 6/07/2006 4:58 PM, Blogger Smiiliies said...

Thank you Kim

At 6/19/2006 2:23 PM, Blogger Mr. Reece said...

great post. Only one small correction is needed. There are 52 weeks in a year, so 52/2 =26 not the 24 that you used in the equation. Your mark is 24/25

I really enjoyed your questions!

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