Monday, June 05, 2006

My Growing Post

Question 1: Formulas. We've learned how to write algebraic equations in the form of mx+b=y. Convert these two sentences into algebraic equations using the above formula.

m - coefficient (change)

x - variable

b - constant (start)

y - solution (answer)

Sentence 1: Scott is 2 years older than Donald who turns 12 on June 21st 2006. Write this sentence in the format mx+b=y, then convert it into an expression which allows us to figure out the age of Scott.


Sentence 2: Elizabeth has $200 in her savings account. She makes $40 every two weeks babysitting for her next door neighbours. If Elizabeth saves all of her money solve for how much money she will have in one year.

40 +200(26)=5240

Question 2: Creation. You need to create two questions for your classmates that cover different concepts (ex: T-Charts, patterns, equations, graphs etc.) that you have learned in this unit on Algebra. You then need to show how to solve the questions. Your mark will be based upon the level of questions difficulty, and the effort put into your answer.

There are 500 chocolate muffins for sale at the bake sale. If there were 50 customers and the each got the same amount how many muffins did each customer get?


There are 12 dentists and 48 toothbrushes. How many toothbrushes does each dentist get?


Question 3: Reflection. You need to look back at the chart that we filled out during the first day of the unit. This is the chart where you coloured a topic red. yellow or green. You now need to pick one concept that you coloured yellow or red and reflect in words what new skill/idea you have learned on this topic.

Can I create a T-Chart for my pattern?
This topic I coloured red because I did not get how to do that.
Now I can easily do that because it is really easy now that I know what I am doing. I learned that you can solve a pattern by using a T-Chart.

Question 4: Preparing for the final exam. You need to think about the year that has past in mathematics and decide which topic is your weakest, and what you need to learn during class reveiw in order to prepare yourself for the final exam. It is not enough to say fractions, instead pick your weakest area of fractions, say the subtraction of fractions, and give an example of what you don't understand.

My weakest topic is fractions. Inside fractions I have trouble multipling fractions. I have always had trouble with fractions.

Example: 1/4 x 3/4

Kendra 7-43


At 6/06/2006 5:18 AM, Blogger jay said...

nice job kendra! really good explainations on your concepts=)!

At 6/19/2006 2:26 PM, Blogger Mr. Reece said...

You have a small problem with the 2 questions that you are trying to solve. You didn't show the equation that is needed to solve each problem. For question 1 it would be 50c = 500 where c = the number of customers.

For question 2 it would be 12t = 48 where t = toothbrushes.
You lost 4 marks for not creating these equations. Your amrk is 21/25

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