Saturday, January 14, 2006

math homework
a site with 7, 8, and 9 math

Amalia did her home work - 154k

Hey Mr.Reece! I finaly got and I'm getting ues to it.

Found a web site.

Friday, January 13, 2006

cool site with brainteasers that update everyweek

Candy's Homework

This website I found has all the right grades you wanted for homework. These are some of the things on the website I found Internet activities and projects, Problems puzzles trips and tricks, Games hobbies cool sites and many more. It is all eductional and if you click on Middle School Math Search, it gives you examples of how to do math questions that you might need help on.

Math Homework

The site might look weird but it is a Gr 7 math site =) This math site is grade 7 math. It has all kinds of questions on there.

Math homework
Here is a website that has a whole bunch of other websites. I think it's for grade 6,7,8.

heres a grade seven math site for everyone

heres a (math) joke Mr.Reece

why was six afriad of seven?????

Cause seven ate(eight) nine!!!


Kendra's Homework

Hi. I found my homework!
The website is:
This website is like an arcade, but with math games! It's for grades 1 to 9. The website has a choice of which gender, grade level and game peice. I enjoyed this website, and I hope you do to!

Here is the link

Mr. Reece this site is very good because you can practice and learn how to do adding integer questions and subtracting integer questions with different amount of digits within the numbers. You can also use the practice mode to practice questions without writing out questions for integer tests and quizzes such as the big test on tuesday coming up. Also if you forget your binder or notes at school you can still see how to do the questions. The only thing I dislike about this site is the fact that you must buy the multiplication and division cd-rom's to access the same things as the adding integers and the subtracting integers. I hope you will accept this site and entry, also please mention it to the class after this homework is finished because it is very good site.

P.S. Tell me if the site and/or entry is unacceptable.

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Problems understanding what to do

For anyone having a hard time trying to understand how to blog click on the link on the right side of the page titled "Helpful Hints on Blogging" These hints were written by a grade 10 student from Daniel Mac and are extremely helpful for the first time blogger.

As well read this post concerning proper bloggind techniques before you create your first blog


Don't worry everyone I have complete confidence that you will be able to blog very successfully in the near future.

Hello, if anyone wants to try this brain teaser you can so here it goes. Mr.Reece took his girlfriend Cathy to Austrailia for Valentines Day. There was a huge wishing fountain where people would make a wish and throw in a dollar. Well since Mr.Reece wanted to be romantic and give Cathy the best Valentines Day ever, he ended up a little short on cash. Mr.Reece snuck out of the very fancy hotel at 1:00 am (normal time) and got back at 15:00 hours (military time). During this time Mr.Reece jacked(stole) 23 dollars per minute for 1 hour and 33 minutes from the wishing fountain. (Mr.Reece you thief) No one ever caught him and Mr.Reece suceeded in his plan, to give Cathy the Best Valentines Day ever, and the happy couple lived Hapily Ever After!!!

How long was Mr.Reece out of the Hotel stealing money from the Wishing Fountain?
How much money did Mr.Reece steal?

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Quick Reminder

I just want to remind everyone that you should be checking the grade 7 math bloggorama link on this site as this is my blog where I will be posting important information, brain teasers, quiz prep math games ect. for everyone to try.

Homework, Due Monday by 3:30pm

Ok everyone let me first start of by saying how enthusiastic I am to give all of you the opportunity to have more input into your learning of Mathematics. My hope is that all of you will use this virtual class space to help each other succeed in math this year. Remember this is your web blog, so treat your classmates with respect while using the blog how you see fit, be it asking questions, answering questions posed by other students or myself, maybe sharing a math brain teaser or link to another website or blog that everyone can benefit from.

So here is your assignment for the upcoming weekend. You are to use either the search function in blogger, or a search engine such as to find either a blog or website that is relevant to middle years mathematics (any grades from 6 to 8). You need to send me either the blog address, or the web address along with a two to five sentence summary of what the blog or website is about.
CHANGE****You are to create a new post to answer this question. Include both the link to the blog or website and the 2 to 4 sentence discription as to how this link involves math. One restriction. You Cannot use the same link as someone else on this blog.

So happy searching and blogging everyone!