Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Just so you know this is Taylor.

Loss of use

A select individuals have abused the chatbox feature on our blogs. Therefore I have no choice but to at least temporarily remove the chatbox from the blogs. If the individuals responsible for the inappropriate comments come forward and discuss this issue with me I will be able to return the chatbox to your blog.

Unfortunatly I cannot tolorate comments such as those that had been left in the chatbox. Any further comments such as these in class or on the blog will be sent to the administration and your parents will be contacted.

Remember that comments that you leave on a blog now remain on the net in some form forever, therefore what we may percieve as a joke right now, might come back to haunt us in the future.

Mr. Reece

Proper profiles

I am requesting that anyone who has any form of personal information in their user profile to remove it immediatly. If your nickname contains personal information I suggest that you change it as well.

Personal information includes
Last name
Phone number
Names of brothers/sisters/parents

Any other information that identifies you beyond your screen name or first name.

I do not want to have to remove you as a contributer from the blog, but I will be forced to in order to protect you if you cannot act in a safe manner on the blog.

Mr. R

Monday, March 13, 2006

Scribe notes for March 13th

Today in math class, we were looking at two new math terms. One of the math term is Parallel Lines. Parallel Lines are: Two or more lines that never intersect. A diagram of the parallel line would be like this:
Another term is Transversal Lines. Transversal Lines are: A transversal line intersects two or more lines at different points. A diagram for Transversal lines would be like this: We also looked at how transversal lines could be co-interior and co-exterior angles. Co-interior angles are lines that are inside the Transversal lines and form a angle. E.g 4 and 5 are co-interior lines.
Co-exterior angles are lines that form outside of the Transversal lines and form a angle. E.g 1 and 8 are co-exterior lines. We also looked at Alternate interior angles and Corresponding angles.
Alternate interior angles are lines that form across from the Transversal lines and form a angle. 1 and 6 is a Alternate interior angle.
Corresponding angles are angles that match up with each other. 3 and 7 are corresponding angles.


  • Don't forget the homework on Mr Reece's Blog
  • Worksheets 10.5: Questions number 1-12 and 10.4 (Even numbers only) 8, 10, 12 Do not draw diagram just give the missing angle. 20 , 22, 24 Only give the angle.
  • *Reminder: If you don't have the worksheets, please ask Mr Reece for some =)

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