Saturday, February 18, 2006

Tony, Kim Vo, Chris and Amalia's word question

question #4: Brian is trying to guess a 2-digit number. So far he knows that the tens' digit is greater than 6, and the ones' digit is odd. He also knows that many two digits are different. How many possibilities are there?
Answer: The answer is 13
Solution: we knew the tens digit was greater than 6 so we used the numbers 7, 8 and 9 foir the tens numbers. We also knew that the ones digit was odd and that you cannot have the same to digits together in one number like the number 77.
The combinations you can have are 71, 73, 75, you cant have 77 though because those two numbers are the same. You can have 79, 81, 83, 85, 87, 89, 91, 93, 95 ,97 but you cant have the number 99. There are 13 combinations in all.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Alex W., C.J., and Shelina's Word Problem

#5) Scott has a travel book on each of four Hawaiian islands: Maui, Kauai, Hawaii, and Oahu. In how many different ways can these four books be arranged on a shelf ?

To find the answer, my group and I formed lists.

For Example: Maui - M Kauai - K Hawaii - H Oahu - O

Maui Kauai Hawaii Oahu
1) M K O H 1) K M O H 1) H K O M 1) O H K M
2) M K H O 2) K M H O 2) H K M O 2) O H M K
3) M O K H 3) K O H M 3) H O M K 3) O M K H
4) M O H K 4) K O M H 4) H O K M 4) O M H K
5) M H K O 5) K H O M 5) H M K O 5) O K H O
6) M H O K 6) K H M O 6) H M O K 6) O K O H
^6^ ways ^6^ ways ^6^ ways ^6^ ways

Answer: These books can be arranged in 24 different ways.

Riddle Question: What Do You Call It When a Royal Ruler Climbs a Mountain ?
Riddle Answer: High King

-Cjay, Alex W., and Shelina.

Janna, Kim s., Jon and Jessica. Question 8

Qustion 8

The question:
Jason Jolt is lending part of his art collection to the local library. He has 5 oil paintings and two water colours. The library would like to borrow two oil paintings and one watercolour. In how many different ways can Jason choose the three paintings?

The answer:
You can start by making a chart like this one below.

Oil painting #1 Oli painting #2 Oil Painting #3 Oil painting #4
op1, op2 op2, op3 op3, op4 op4, op5
op1, op3 op2, op4 op3, op5
op1, op4 op2, op5
op1, op5

Oil painting #5

(there are none in this combination because we have used them all)
There is a total of ten combinations if you just use oil paintings, but you must double that number because you have to multiply it by 2 since there are 2 watercolours. This will give you a total of 20 different combinations.

The secreat riddle thingy mabobber is "High king"

Kendra, Jeyson, Taylor and Alex Lima's Question

Problem Seven:
Glitz has red, orange, and green shirts; gray and brown belts; and yellow and white shorts. How many different outfits are possible?

Answer: There are twelve different types of outfits.

How: All we did was multiply the number of shirts by belts and shorts.
3 shirts X 2 Belts X 2 Shorts= 12
Three times two equals six, six times two equals twelve.

What Do You Call It When A Royal Ruler Climbs A Mountain?
A High King

Thursday, February 16, 2006

This Is How We Did Question # 1

Question: The Slammers baseball team has five pitchers: Joe, Spud, Lefty, Mark and Java. The team has two catchers: Hank and Pico. How many different pitcher-catcher combinations can be used?

Answer:The answer is 10 groups

These are the groups

Joe Hank
Joe Pico

Spud Hank
Spud Pico

Lefty Hank
Lefty Pico

Mark Hank
Mark Pico

Java Hank
Java Pico

What Do You Call It When A Royal Ruler Climbs A Mountain?
ANSWER: High King

Candace and Junebe

Amy=), Kimmie Y, Matt, and Levon's Q&A

Q # 3: Ellen has a two quarters, one dime, and one nickel. How many different amounts of money can she make using one or more of these coins?

A: The answer is 11.

Solution: You can make a chart by sorting it out. The chart can look like this:

1 Coin: 2 Coins: 3 Coins: 4 Coins:
5 cents 15 cents 40 cents 65 cents
10 cents 30 cents 55 cents
25 cents 35 cents 60 cents
50 cents

After you have done the chart, you count up how much combinations there are and you got the answer. So our group got the answer :11.

And "What Do You Call It When a Royal Ruler Climbs a Mountain?" - High King

Ardia, apriL, Mark, and Lauren's Q&A

There are 6 essay questions on the history test lettered a, b, c, d, e, and f. If you can choose any 2 of the 6 questions to answer how many different choices can you make?

There were
15 kinds possibilities. use it like 5! (5+4+3+2+1)


What do you call it when a royal ruler climbs a mountain?
High king

Supp =)

Hii mr.Reece =P

Class Scribe

Starting the Week of February 20th, we will be using a class scribe to record the class lesson and post it onto your blog.

On Monday we will cover the concept of the scribe post and what is expected of you.

Mr. R

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

jaymie, wesley, cory and lisa's question

2. At Maverick Middle School, each student must take 3 of these 4 classes: music, art, drama, or keyboarding. How many different combinations do students have from which to choose?

The answer is 4 different combinations. We got the answer by putting them in to different groups to see how many combinations there were. Like this,
music, art, drama then antoher group would be music, art and keyboarding another would be drama, keyboarding and music the last an final group is drama, keyboarding and art. We couldn't find anymore so thats how our answer became 4 combinations.
What do you call it when a royal ruler climbs a mountain?
answer: High king

Monday, February 13, 2006

TLE lessons due for Report Card

Here are the TLE lessons that are due before 9am on Friday for your term 2 report card.

Remember that if you do not get these completed then your grade will be negatively affected

Decimal Conversions
Introduction to Integers
Adding Integers
Subtracting Integers
Exploring Decimals
Mulitplication of Decimals

Both the computer self check and worksheet are due for each of the above lessons.

Multiplying Decimals is not currently due, and will be applied to your term 3 report card.

Remember to check my blog, grade 7 math blogorama for assignments and additional important information.

Enjoy Spirit Week everyone!