Saturday, January 28, 2006

Problems with question 42 !!!!

The question I didn't understand was question 42 were the weatherman predicts that the temperature will rise to -6 by the middle of the day. It is currently -21 outside. What is the change in temperature. I changed my answer to -15 is it correct.


heyy done my doing my integers test.i had no problems.well okay.
~kimbutt~ aka(kimberly.s)

Friday, January 27, 2006

Help on test!!

I need help on the very last one number 43

43. You borrow $40.00 from your parents. You repay your parents $10 per week. You also borrow $15 from a friend. Two weeks later you have not repaid your friend any money, but have made two payments to your parents. What is your finacial situation?

Just wondering If the answer is 35.

If not please help.

elllo it's kimmie

i didn't have any problems on the test... i'll check blogger once in a while to check for assignments.. i'll also help people if they need help on the test.

Integer Test

Hi! I had no prblems on the test but I will be checking blogger once in a while to see if anyone had problems on the test.
- Amy =)

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Need Some Help on Question 40 ??

If anyone was wondering how to do the question 40 on the test (the one where you go cliff diving into the lake), I can tell you how. Think of the lake as zero, and you jump from four metres in the air. Think of that like 4 above zero (+4). Then you jump two metres into the lake. Since the lake is zero, and you jump 2 meters in there, it takes you to 2 below zero (-2). Then you count the spaces between 4 above zero and 2 below zero, the answer should be 6.

Math Homework

Hey every1 the only problem i had with the test is the Mulitplying and Divison Chart. Can some1 help me figure it out??????

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


This is CJ. I, unfortunately, didn't have a problem with the integer test. Since I didn't have a problem, I will help my fellow students with a question or two.
Just to tell you, I might not even be on blogger until Saturday, so if you need my help, just comment.

Monday, January 23, 2006

kimbutt (kimberly.s)

heyy Mr.Reece this is Kimbutt (kimberly.s).I composed a math thing on this but u didn't get it.Here I'll get another one.
This site has math games.